My teaching over the past seven years has primarily focused on aspects of the theatrical professional for graduate and undergraduate students. My goal has been to prepare students who, through the analysis of dramatic texts and historical artifacts, as well as creative activities in acting, dance, design and dramaturgy, can engage in different methodologies, philosophies and practices in theatre making, construct reasoned arguments about their creative processes, and communicate these inferences and conclusions through dramaturgical writing, dramatic performance, or design and technical execution. I strive to have my students use the theatrical creative process to serve as a source and contributing partner for the enhancement and expansion of theatrical expertise; To prepare students who are knowledgeable about different cultures and societal/political/economic backgrounds through the study, design, and performance of global texts; To prepare students who are active members of their community (local, national and global) and who can connect with organizations through linking their “art” to the general public.




  • MSU Outstanding Supervisor Award, 2017
  • Excellence in Diversity Award – MSU Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives: Department of Theatre’s “60/50 Theatre Project” (Team Award), 2015
  • Honors College Faculty Mentor of the Year Award, Michigan State University (Nomination), 2013
  • College of Arts and Letters Alumni Award for Innovation and Leadership in Teaching and Learning, 2011
  • College of Arts and Letters Faculty Leadership Award, 2010 
  • MSU-AT&T Instructional Technology Awards Competition (Honorable Mention), 2009
  • MSU Teacher-Scholar Award (Nomination), 2007
  • Senior Class Outstanding Faculty Award, Michigan State University (Nomination), 2006 


Outstanding Supervisor Award

MSU Outstanding Supervisor Award, 2017 (MSU Today Article)

Staging New 
Opportunities in Theatre

"Behind the Will" Story










  • Michigan State University
    • Chairperson, July 2011 – Present
    •  Interim Director for College of Arts and Letters' Arts and Cultural Management Program, 2017-2018
    • Co-Director for College of Arts and Letters' Arts and Cultural Management Program, 2014-2015
    • Associate Chairperson, Head of Design, Director of Academic Affairs, 2010-2011
    • Acting Chairperson, Head of Design, 2009-2010
    • Associate Chairperson, Head of Design2006-2009 
    • Committee Chairperson, College of Arts and Letters Technology Committee, 2010-2011
    • Committee Chairperson, College of Arts and Letters Curriculum Committee, 2007-2009
    • Committee Chairperson of nine Faculty Search Committees, 2004 – Present



International Designs on e-Learning: Penn State University
State College, PA (2008)

Mediated Performance to Enhance Online Arts Related Learning
Presentation with Rob Roznowski

Using Karaoke Theatre, Discussion, and Unique Mediated Teaching Strategies. Providing an environment where students explore the creation of theatrical environments from page to stage with reference to art, design, creative writing, music and historical iconography.


3rd International Conference on Design Principles and Practices
Berlin, GR (2009)

The Artful Melding of Theatre and Technology
Presentation with Rob Roznowski

The use of live actors inhabiting a virtual space has become a compelling and necessary step in leading edge performative theatrical design and has eschewed traditional scenery for mediated environments.


Digital Humanities Symposium – Virtualisation and Heritage
York, UK (2012)

Ernie - A Multi-textual Exploration of an American Icon
Alison Dobbins, Assistant Professor of Integrated Performance Media Design
Kirk A. Domer, Chair and Associate Professor of Scene Design

Abstract for Poster Proposal:
Ernie is a theatrical docudrama about Ernie Harwell (American Sportscaster of Detroit Tigers Baseball) by internationally renowned and best-selling author and playwright, Mitch Albom.  Harwell, famous for his talents in bringing the story of the game to life was one of the longest running sportscasters for baseball.  This play uses his life to weave an “Everyman” story about change, aging and America’s favorite pastime. Designers Alison Dobbins (Video/Projection) and Kirk Domer (Scene) created the world of the play by providing an environment where captured archival video and sound would live in harmony with contemporary dialogue.   

 Ernie Heritage Poster


Outreach and Engagement

As part of the Michigan State University Department of Theatre's Senior Seminar Class... each student must execute a project that is linked with the community. The idea is that you take your art to the public. This was produced by MSU University Relations.



New Performance Facilities
MSU Department of Theatre

January 2016: The 9,370-square-foot facility is the new home for the Department of Theatre’s scene shop (or formally named the Performing Arts Teaching Laboratory) where all the sets for the department’s theatre productions and the College of Music Opera program performances are built.

September 2014: The Department of Theatre in the MSU College of Arts and Letters dedicated the NEW Summer Circle Courtyard which is the permanent home for our professional Summer Circle Theatre.